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If you’re looking for the freshest ingredients in food that bursts with flavor in
homegrown arrangement, delivered free to your house or available for takeout,
customized to your preferences and dietary needs, and so unbelievably affordable
you can get a meal for 10 bucks including a local craft beer, well, have we got a
place for you.

It’s Summerville Burrito Company behind Home Depot in the Earth Fare Shopping
Center on the main strip. And yes, we said free delivery to any neighborhood with
at least 15 families ordering, so rustle up your HOA or neighborhood association,
collaborate on some inexpensive lunches or dinners and save yourself a bundle of
cash while feeding your family delicious, nutritious propitious meals.

(It’s just as good without the propitious, so don’t feel obliged to look that one up.
Suffice to say you can feel noble about putting this good, fresh food inside your
kids’ bodies while they delight in that homemade pico de gallo or guacamole.)

And yes, we also said local craft brews, on tap during normal times but still
available with takeout or delivery. Owner and chef Robert Cassi serves the beers
that please his own palate, including the full complement of New Belgium,
Palmetto Brewing and Edmund’s Oast fare. If it’s passing muster with a veteran
chef and restaurant owner – Cassi is also the mastermind behind Persimmon Café
Sandwich Shop down the street from College of Charleston, much to the delight
of students there – there’ll be a quaffing option that passes muster with you.

Cassi, a South Florida native who grew up around a mambo of Latin flavors, says
his burrito is so stuffed fat with fresh ingredients that it could easily serve as two
meals – as long as you’re not a growing teenage boy. When he says fresh – he
means not fresh like the corporate behemoths’ Tex Mex ingredients trucked in
from company headquarters and sliced locally. He means avocados, cilantro,
chilis, jalapenos and limes picked up that morning and combined in his own
home-tested recipes that bring the farm to your mouth in little taste explosions.

Cassi’s fast casual Tex Mex does burritos, tacos and quesadillas that are just a bit
off the beaten path. The recipe for his creamy queso and guacamole is a guarded
secret because, he says, “it’s some of the best in the city.”

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, Kosher, Halal, Whole 30, peanut-
allergy kinda girl? No problem! Because every Summerville Burrito order is
customized to your desire, you can find something nutritious and delicious on the
menu. (See, that’s propitious!) Of course, if you’re gluten-free, you have to skip
the beer, but Summerville Burrito makes a variety of mean margaritas that are
doubly popular now that we’ve locked ourselves away from each other. There’s
no such thing as a tequila allergy, is there?

Orders for takeout or neighborhood delivery from Summerville Burrito go fastest
when funneled through Robert’s wife Kristen at; you
can also order through DoorDash. (Orders are possible through UberEats, but that
company has refused to waive or reduce its 30% commission even during this
economic depression, so you’ll be doing everyone a favor by sticking with

One great thing about burritos particularly is that they are easy to freeze and
whip out some other day for a quick, tasty and still healthy microwave meal.
Families are ordering a dozen burritos for mom, dad and two kids, and stretching
them into five meals over the course of two weeks. That’s some high-utility

In the age of Covid-19, it’s necessary to mention that takeout and delivery are
now “touchless,” a word that didn’t exist a few months ago except with respect to
the dating life of a Citadel knob. For delivery, they’ll ring your bell and leave
packages of food right there at your door so no one is forced to breathe in anyone
else’s face.

In-store, the Summ Burrito team is sanitizing regularly, wearing gloves and masks,
maintaining six-foot distances and following CDC guidelines meticulously. The
only thing you will get from an order is a feeling of prandial satisfaction and the
knowledge that your family is eating healthy.

And while we’re on the subject of that nefarious little virus, rewarding your family
with a Summerville Burrito meal does a world of good for commerce in our
Flowertown too. Summerville Burrito has kept the staff intact even while the
catering business has cratered, so every order supports the livelihood of hard-
working restaurant employees who in turn buy food and gas and their necessities
from local businesses – maybe yours. For Cassi, it’s not about profit these days;

it’s about survival and keeping his work family employed. “The owner’s a great
guy,” one of his employees told us during an unguarded moment.

Feeling Hungry? Click here —-> to check out Summerville Burrito Co’s amazing menu.

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