JohnKing Grill and Bar is open for business, and it’s clear that we’ve all been missing their
smashed burger and fries. As of May 5th, they’re urging food & bev members to apply in person

The JohnKing Grill And Bar Atmosphere

Located on the corner of John and King Street – hence the name, JohnKing – they might be the
only spot downtown where you can get a solid burger and a draft for just $10 as part of their
daily specials. $3 shots kick off your night as you watch the game on any one of their 11 big
screen TVs.

Take it from Jason B. – if your game isn’t on just ask. “[We] went here to see a game…[it was]
not on their channels…new owner Lonnie grabbed us on our way out and ordered the game for
us. Super cool, staff is great. Lonnie knows what he’s doing. Give it a try!” (Google Review)

Not into sports? A pool table sits next to a wall of bench seating not far from the stage where a
live band plays every night. Felix A. says it’s a “cozy little hole in the wall with awesome
service,” the type of place that easily becomes your spot on a chill Friday night with your crew.
(Google Review)

With two floors and outdoor seating, JohnKing can accommodate any group – family, friends,
and coworkers alike. As Charleston reopens, their sidewalk cafe dining tables offer the perfect
retreat into normalcy with a side of people watching.

What’s To Eat?

While it may be a while before we can stumble in for some late night eats, JohnKing Grill and
Bar is known for having the best burgers on King Street.

Their well rounded menu has everything from basic bar bites to bacon fat confit wings. Sure,
they also have salads, but we suggest you try the rib tips with the honey gold sauce at least

Feeling like a treat yo’ self kind of week? For an extra $2, any burger can be made into a
“smashed burger”- a specialty mix of short rib, brisket and chuck, smashed on the hot grill to
create layers of caramelized beef, otherwise known as the Maillard Reaction.

You can also sub out for a 5 grain veggie patty, of which Pulkit P. says is “delicious! Cooked just
right and very flavorful. We will return.” (Yelp Review)

As veggie burgers go, it’s tough to find a good one.

JohnKing Grill and Bar also has a wild burger menu, though you won’t find it online. Including
buffalo and kangaroo, Eileyn S. says that they’re “not your ordinary burger and bar. Their wild
burger menu is awesome. Flavors and texture combination make the perfect bite.”(Google

If that doesn’t have you hooked, take it from Danielle Z, who says she “came here for the drink
specials, but stayed and came back for the wings. Yes, they ARE as good as they’re advertised.
In fact, they’re BETTER…My husband and I came here twice on our vacation and wish we
could have brought the wings back home with us.” (Google Review)

JohnKing Grill and Bar On Supporting Local

As we continue to support our local businesses, restaurants have another initiative in mind –
supporting the community that has built them.

Lonnie Knight, operating partner of JohnKing Grill and Bar, was quick to accept the Full Belly,
Full Hearts
challenge from Charleston Hospitality Group owner Sam Mustafa.

“We appreciate our loyal customers who have continued to order takeout from us, which has
allowed us to keep some of our employees working and put us in the position to give back,” said

JohnKing Grill and Bar also partnered with Blue Steel Promotions for the GoFundMe campaign
Please Help Our Charleston F&B Family!. “They’ve served you, listened to your stories, shared
some laughs, put you in Ubers, finally played that song you request every 5 minutes, and now
it’s your turn (if you can) to help them!”

JohnKing is one of 16 establishments that joined to help support the food & bev community,
along with Burns Alley Tavern, The Brick, Uptown Social and Charleston Beer Works, to name a

Donations are still being accepted to support the food & bev community here, with the option to
specify which establishment you’d like to help. A separate GoFundMe campaign under the
same initiative will help support local bands and DJS here.

We might still be figuring out our new normal, but thanks to JohnKing Grill and Bar we can at
least depend on a good old burger and fries to get us through these times. They’re currently
open from 11am until midnight with indoor and outdoor seating available on a first come, first
serve basis.

Not comfortable dining out just yet? You can also order online through DoorDash and GrubHub.

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