5 Must Visit Coffee Shops in Charleston

I remember when I was 5 my grandmother would pour some of her coffee into a small dixie cup and share it with me. Needless to say I would bounce off the walls and drive her mad. The coffee she made was the best I ever tasted. Even to this day. With that being said, I’ve found a few places around town that come close. Charleston has a wide verity of coffee shops. SO many in fact that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones to try out. The following are a list of coffee shops I frequent. This list isn’t in any particular order.

Mercantile & Mash Cafe

Mercantile and Mash

Mercantile and Mash is located in the old Cigar Factory downtown. This place has a upper class feel to it and seems to be the preferred stop for white collar workers. I mainly get just coffee from here but I have had their Chicken biscuit, Salmon bagel, Avocado Toast, Everything Bagel, and a Cinnamon roll. The Salmon bagel and Avocado toast I had wasn’t hitting on much. The Salmon tasted funny and I wasn’t able to finish it. The Avocado toast needed salt and had way too much stuff on it. However, The Chicken biscuit, Everything bagel, and the Cinnamon roll was amazing. Mercantile and Mash has a retail selection, a cold selecton where they sell eggs, sushi, and milk. A large wine selection and a upstairs area where customers can hold events.

701 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29403 | 843-793-2636


Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Some of the best biscuits you’ll ever eat in your entire life. While the coffee isn’t as good as some of the other places in this list, Hot Little Biscuit is by far one of the best coffee shops here in Charleston. I highly recommend coming here for breakfast. Everything about this place is incredible from the atmosphere to their retail selection to their employees and finally to the food. They do military and law enforcement discounts and they also punch cards that you can apply towards free biscuits! This is a must stop if you are in Charleston.

188 Meeting Street, Suite N17, Charleston, SC 29401 | 843-577-8900


Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

Staff are friendly wide selection of coffee and other drinks. Very relaxing atmosphere. You can bring your pets and while you’re outside the birds will literally come up to your plate to steal your food. Very trendy and hipster coffee shop. I’m here maybe twice a week. I would recommend trying their buttery, tasty, unhealthy devil food Ham Croissant.

4 Vanderhorst St, Charleston SC 29403 | 843-853-7186


Café Framboise

Nice authentic French café one of the better coffee shops here in Charleston and their coffee is very delicious. Customer service is top notch and it has a wide variety of breakfast/lunch items. The restaurant is clean and it has a surreal atmosphere. Would definitely recommend this establishment if you’re visiting Charleston for if you are looking for a place to have lunch.

159 Market St, Charleston, SC 29401 | 843-414-7241


City Lights Coffee

Some of the best customer service in all of Charleston. They have a very extensive menu and solid management. Pets are welcome and they even have bowls to feed your animals and provide them with water. It’s a small coffee shop but there’s definitely a lot of passion put into it and that’s quite evident the instant you walk in. I would highly recommend this establishment if you’re in the Charleston area.

141 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401 | 843-853-7067

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