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When I moved to Charleston in 2016, I started looking for a gym or personal fitness boot camp to join to get back in shape. Never once did it occur to me to join a cycling studio. Enter Ride Revolution. The premier cycling studio in the Charleston county area, Ride Revolution is located in downtown Charleston at 441 Meeting St.

As I worked my way towards getting back in shape, every time I searched online for top rated fitness studios near me Ride Revolution popped up. Finally one day I decided to sign up for a class.

First Impressions

From the moment I walked in the help desk representatives were very welcoming. The help desk is the first thing you see when you walk in the door and there are typically 1 to 2 representatives ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

A total newbie, I started asking them about cycling in general. How many calories would I burn? Who’s teaching the classes? How long have they been there? You name it, I asked it. To my surprise, they were very helpful in answering all of my questions. The reps were quite personable and even if there was a question they didn’t know they would find the answer for me. It was this amazing customer service that motivated me to sign up for a class right there.

As it would turn out, the first class for new riders is actually free! This lets you get a feel for what it’s like and see if spin is indeed the right fit for you. After I finished filling out their safety form I hopped in the spin class that conveniently enough was just starting. I didn’t have a pair of cycling shoes so Ride Revolution provided me with one of their cycling cleats. They have a wide variety of sizes from 5.5 to size 15. I have big feet, so I was pleasantly surprised when they had my shoe size.

What To Expect From A Ride Revolution Class

Once I was geared up, I went into the cycling studio. All the bikes were neatly arranged facing the door and a wall of mirrors. The instructor’s bike was positioned on a platform overlooking the class.

Ride Revolution Bikes

In the center of the room there was a pillar and a lighting system that served as the primary light during most of the spin class. Despite the class being full, the staff assigned me a bike towards the back. Ride Rev has a system on their computers that shows them how many free bikes are remaining and where in the room they’re located. Being out of sight was perfect because I was out of shape and there were a lot of pretty faces in the crowd.  I didn’t want to completely embarrass myself.

A towel and two 10-pound weights were already prepositioned on my bike. The bike itself resembled one of those cross-country bikes you’d see Neil Armstrong riding. It took me a while to get my cleats connected to the pedals. Should you also run into this issue, the instructor and the reps up front are available to help you get locked in.

By the time I was ready the instructor was already screaming at us. We started with some low to high intensity cycling. Whenever she would have us slow down we had to increase the resistance, making it harder to peddle. I’ll be honest, it was one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever had in my entire life – and I was a physical training instructor for my squadron’s PT when I was in the Air Force.

This spin class was on par with some of the most rigorous training exercises we had to do when I was in. Now, I’m not telling you this to scare you – okay, I’m kidding, I kinda am, but for all of you fitness nuts out there and people who just want to find something good that works, this is it.

Each bike has a little dial in front that we were instructed to keep adjusting throughout the class. Turning it to the right would intensify the cycling, making it harder for you to peddle. Turning it to the left loosened things up and gave you some relief as you followed the instructor’s guidance on various types of lifting and lowering exercises.

The cool thing about Ride Revolution is that the instructor is right there with you keeping pace. Every so often she will jump off her bike and move around the class to make sure everyone is motivated, safe, and working their hardest. The instructors lead multiple classes a day and will never ask their participants to do anything they’re not willing or able to do.

Just When You Think It’s Winding Down…

After about 30 minutes or so of cardio, we started doing strength exercises with the 10-pound weights that they had prepositioned on our bikes. We began with various extension exercises. At first it was easy. We held the weights out in front of us and slightly lifted them up and down a few inches. Next, we held the weights out to the side and slowly lifted them over our heads and back down again after a few seconds.

This went on for 10 minutes. I think my arms died at 5.

Once that nightmarish exercise was over and my arms looked like two wet noodles flapping around at my sides, we began the final chapter of the exercise. It was straight cardio. Fortunately, throughout each class they play various types of rap, R&B, and techno. Their curated playlists are meant to FIRE YOU UP – which you will need and appreciate.

After 45 minutes the class was finally over. We did some cool down stretches and, once completed, the instructor walked to the door to greet and congratulate us individually as we were leaving. I started talking to some of the other cyclists who had attended the class with me and to my surprise many of them were regulars who had been coming to the cycling studio for years. They told me that Ride Revolution was an essential part of their exercise routine and they highly recommended it for anyone who wants to improve their overall cardio.

Great Instructors = Great Classes

I also spoke to the instructors. Words can’t describe the amount of passion they had for the studio and how genuine they were when describing what cycling meant to them in general. They really are a perfect representation of health, wellness, and achieving whatever fitness goals you have. I could tell that they truly believed in what Ride Revolution was doing because I later discovered some of the instructors actually have very high paying jobs elsewhere – yet they still commit their time and energy to instructing multiple classes a day, several days out of the week. To them it’s not about the money. People in the community look to these women for inspiration.

They certainly inspired me, as I jumped in head first and signed up for a month of classes.  The cool thing is I didn’t have to pay full price because I am a military veteran. In addition to veteran discounts, Ride Revolution also offers student, military, nurse, teacher, first responder, and non-profit employee discounts as well as Groupons that you can redeem towards free classes! (call for more information: 843-737-5330)

It doesn’t stop there. If you sign up with them, every few weeks you’ll receive an email about different specials and events that they’re doing.

Ride Revolution Is More Than Just A Fitness Studio

Ride Revolution’s amenities also add a nice touch. They have a shower area in their restrooms and provide towels and toiletries. This cycling studio literally has everything – from a secure place to leave your belongings while you’re in class to a website that gives you health, wellness, and nutritional facts/information.

After attending Ride Revolution for a few years now, I can say with the utmost certainty that every instructor there is fully committed to the overall success of their students. From the ownership all the way down to the customer service reps, everyone at Ride Revolution enjoys what they do. They are avid cyclers and they’d love to have you come in and join their family.

So, are you ready for pain!?  I’m just kidding. If you’re ready for a challenge click the link below to visit the Ride Revolution homepage and sign up today. You can also follow Ride Revolution on Facebook and Instagram!


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