Renew Medical: Hydration Is Key To A Strong Immune System

“If you’re thirsty, you’ve missed the opportunity to hydrate,” says Frank Wells, owner of Renew Medical IV Spa & Urgent Care. 

Located on the same block as Halls Chophouse, their second floor office space at 442 King Street is the first IV hydration clinic in Charleston. As a CHS native, Wells opened Renew Medical nearly 5 years ago and has remained open throughout the pandemic. 

What Exactly Is IV Therapy, and What’s Included In A Treatment?

IV, or intravenous therapy is “a minimally invasive procedure that delivers fluids, vitamins, minerals, and medications directly into the bloodstream using a standard IV.”

IV treatments allow your body to absorb more minerals and vitamins at a faster rate so you can feel the results sooner – which is why pre and post event hydration treatments are so popular. 

Your appointment begins with a routine exam by a certified healthcare consultant to check the basics – blood pressure, pulse, and breathing. During your consultation you’ll also discuss your health needs to identify the best treatment for you. 

Each treatment starts with a base fluid of your choice – normal saline or lactated ringers. While most opt for normal saline, lactated ringers are great for athletes or those who may deplete their bodies of fluids and nutrients at a faster rate. 

You can then choose from a menu of curated mixtures or create your own treatment, adding vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and even medications as needed. 

Once you’ve decided on a treatment, kick back and enjoy your favorite Netflix show (courtesy of the clinic) for the next 40 – 45 minutes, depending on how quickly your body absorbs the fluids.

When Should You Go To Renew Medical?

“When your body is depleted of fluids, vitamins and minerals, you’re more at risk for illness. Pre-hydration is optimal,” Wells advised during our call. 

Based on their most popular requests, Charleston seems to agree. 

Open 7 days a week, the majority of Renew Medical’s patients schedule appointments for pre-hydration for weddings, sporting events, triathlons, and even before long flights. 

Historically, their busiest day of the year is the Friday before the Cooper River Bridge run. Their second busiest day? The Sunday after. 

In addition to pre-hydration, Renew Medical also treats chemo patients, working with their doctor’s consent to create the optimal IV treatment for each individual. 

Renew Medical’s Most Popular IV Treatments

Their top IV treatments are the Immune Boost, Energy Boost, and the Athlete Boost – the Immune Boost having even more appeal this year as the COVID pandemic continues. 

Containing vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 as well as trace minerals (zinc, chromium, copper and manganese), it is designed to boost your immune function as well as your metabolism, energy and brain function. 

Another fan favorite is the Myers’ Cocktail. A treatment that’s been around for years, it includes ingredients to help decrease fatigue, support the immune system, and even help with allergies – including symptoms of asthma and fibromyalgia. The Myers’ Cocktail is a step up from the Immune Boost, containing all of the same ingredients plus B12 and Magnesium. 

If you’re looking for a treatment that addresses a little bit of everything, the Ultimate Boost is what you want. A half liter bag of Glutathione, it is a “powerful antioxidant and master detoxifier”. The Ultimate Boost can also potentially benefit those suffering from dementia, lung diseases, liver diseases, and various types of nerve and tendon damage, according to Renew Medical. 

For those of you that partied a little too hard on King Street, you can order the Hangover Boost – or the Ultimate Hangover Boost, depending on your night – for a quick recovery. 


Cost for treatment starts at $85. This includes fluids and one ingredient of your choice. You can add as many ingredients as you’d like for an additional $15, or choose from their curated menu of IV treatments. Curated treatments start at $100 and contain a variety of vitamins to aid your immune system. 

Renew Medical also offers injections of Super B Complex, B12, or both, ranging from $20 – $30. 

Getting ready for your wedding or a large event? According to Wells, brides often opt for the Lipo Boost shot, priced at $49 (or 4 for $156) to help boost their metabolic rate pre-wedding. 

Not to be confused with a miracle cure for weight loss, the Lipo Boost shot and Weight Loss Boost IV treatment both help increase your energy levels so you can be more active throughout your day, while helping your body burn calories at a more efficient rate.  

Discounted Plans for F&B, Unlimited Visits For Students

Renew Medical offers an annual membership that includes 25% off of all IV treatments for $100. However, those who work in the F&B or hospitality industry don’t need to sign up for the membership. Just ask for the 25% discount when you walk in or when you make your appointment. 

Renew Medical also provides affordable healthcare for college students. Priced at just $275 for the year, students have access to unlimited visits for urgent care. Coverage for one academic year (two semesters) is only $200. 

In addition to helping the community through discounted treatments and low cost health care for students, Wells also runs the Holy City Med clinic. Located on 526 & Savannah Highway, Holy City Med is a CHS pioneer in the self pay infrastructure. Patients pay $75 per month for an unlimited amount of visits. Holy City Med has the ability to offer access to on-site x-rays, EKGs, and in house lab work such as CVC, A1C, strep and flu testing, among other services. 

Will you be booking an IV Treatment with Renew Medical? Tell us in the comments below! Appointments can be made by calling 1-843-800-8110 or texting 843-410-8957.

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