Big results come from Big Work Fitness, located in downtown Charleston. A gym without limits, they’ve created a welcoming space for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, without the frills.

Their no nonsense mentality, friendly atmosphere and wide range of equipment sets them apart from franchised gyms. They’ve gone against the grain in every way. As the #1 gym in Charleston, it’s clearly working for them.

The best part? You’ll never stand around waiting while someone texts in-between sets.

No Frills, No Problems

Big Work Fitness has a raw, underground feel that lends to their old-school vibes. Comprised of two floors as well as an outdoor space, members describe the gym as “the definition of an adult playground”. It’s easy to see why.

From weight lifting to power lifting, body building, strong man, boxing, and CrossFit – their world-class equipment makes any workout possible.

The outdoor space is filled with sleighs, atlas stones and tires as well as additional squat racks. Inside, there’s no shortage of cables available. On the second floor you’ll find heavy bags, speed bags, cages and more.

Big Work Fitness has everything you need to build endurance and strength – including nutritional options that support your fitness goals. They’ve recently partnered with Primal Gourmet, making meal prep easy. Members can conveniently order and pick up their meals at the gym.

As if that weren’t already enough to set them apart, they’re also open 24/7. Members can download the Big Work Fitness app (available for Android and iOS) to be buzzed in as soon as they arrive.

Big Work Fitness Supports Local Businesses

Rather than employ trainers, Big Work Fitness offers a Personal Trainer Plan for $150/month – a far cry from what you would pay to rent your own studio space. This allows trainers to grow their businesses on their own terms without needing to price gouge, keeping sessions affordable and flexible.

This approach has attracted some of Charleston’s best trainers to the gym, including Eli Alicea of The Body Lab. In addition to operating The Body Lab out of Big Work Fitness, he’s also played a large role in helping the gym grow.

Big Results Require Big Work

Big Work Fitness was founded in 2014 by Pamela Row. Now a family owned and operated business, Pamela and her husband have worked to fill a gap in the fitness industry. Together with Alicea, they’ve built the gym up with the belief that big results require big work – and that doesn’t just apply to working out. The Rows are already in the process of franchising.

More than anything, they want to eliminate the stigma of old-school gyms being an intimidating space – particularly for people who are just getting started.

Their dedication to the safety and success of their members and staff creates a sense of camaraderie. You’re met with a smile at the front desk, a nod hello as you approach the weight rack. If your form is off, a friendly gym or staff member is likely to offer tips on how to avoid injury. Even when working out solo, you’re not alone.

What To Expect When You Join

First and foremost, there are no contracts at Big Work Fitness. This speaks to their belief in what they’re creating for the Charleston community.

Members pay $65/month for unlimited use of the gym. Active military, firefighters, police, and veterans receive a $15 discount with their ID. All gym members are given a key fob (one time fee of $25) that will allow them 24/7 access to the facility.

Daily, one week, two week, and one month passes are also available for purchase. The front desk is open from 7am – 7pm to answer any questions you might have.

The Results Are In For Big Work Fitness

Still not ready to leave your current gym? Let the reviews speak for themselves:

“Everything you need/nothing you don’t. Highly recommend.” – Matthieu K.

“I’m used to working out at a big corporate gym with all of your basic/normal equipment. This has that PLUS all the fun stuff! It was fun working out outside, climbing rope, jumping up the stairs, etc.” – Rachel K.

“There were loads of squat racks and power lifting apparatus…Also, everything was neatly put away and respected by the members which was great. There’s nothing worse than a gym where people don’t bother to put anything back.” – Phil L.

You could keep paying $10 – $30 a month for your run of the mill gym with basic equipment where no one knows your name. Or, you can make fitness fun again – the way it should be. Personally, we were sold at “no frills”.

To join Big Work Fitness today, call (843) 203-3658.

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