Now that the world is slowly opening up and we’re all crawling out of our respective hermitages, it’s time to finally throw those sweats back into the closet and show off your summer style!

But, when our clothing decisions over the past year haven’t gone beyond, “Which pair of leggings should I put on today?” it’s easy for even the most fashion-focused among us to have let our finger slide off of the pulse of fashion.

Luckily, we have the skinny on the key pieces that you need as you go on your summer shopping spree. Here are the top 10 must-haves for summer and fall 2021.

1. White oversized shirt

Woman wearing baggy button up shirt

This year, oversized is the perfect size. As you’ll see throughout this list, baggier styles are the way to go. This includes a common closet staple: the plain white button-up.

We already know that a white dress shirt is the perfect versatile piece. The bagginess only adds to its versatility. We see models and celebrities tying their oversized dress shirts at the waist, tucking them in, rolling up their sleeves, and matching them with different bottom styles, from ripped mom jeans to edgy leather skirts.

While many retailers have started offering oversized dress shirts in women’s sizes, you can easily create this style by snagging a men’s dress shirt. In fact, more and more fashionistas are trending toward unisex clothing, and you may find yourself browsing the men’s section just as much as the women’s this year.

While the white dress shirt is super versatile, another theme in this year’s look is bright colors and patterns, so don’t be afraid to get a little bold with your oversized shirt game.

2. Big sneakers

Woman Wearing Yeezy Shoes

We told you that oversized is in. This includes big sneakers. You’ll see brands like New Balance and Adidas’ Yeezy all over the place. 

Wear your large sneakers with tight leather pants and an oversized jacket, with a nice power suit, or with another upcoming style: oversized sweats.

Another theme in today’s fashion is muted colors with one statement piece. You’ll see more and more fashion-forward people donning bright sneakers with a more understated color scheme. Or, stick to classic white for sneakers that will go with anything.

3. Oversized jacket

When the summer days turn into summer nights, you’ll want a jacket or sweater to keep you warm. This year, grab one that’s a couple of sizes too big.

Across the fashion board, vintage is back, especially ‘70s and ‘80s styles. Look for large, worn, denim jackets (or raid your dad’s closet for his old one), or big sweaters.

You can also use this item as your statement piece. Large, retro windbreakers in neon colors and old man sweaters with fun patterns will look great with baggy jean shorts and a crop top or even long, baggy pants and that oversized white tee that we talked about earlier.

4. High heels

Woman wearing baggy pants and high heels

As you shop for your baggy attire this year, don’t be afraid to combine your casual styles with stunning high heels. This year, you’ll even see sweatsuits paired with high-end heels for a bit of a broad look.

Go for bright colors and combine them with muted tones. Or, get a little bold with your color choices and mix and match patterns. 

In 2021, you’ll see a mixture of styles, and this includes your shoes. As you put together an outfit, try pairing your heels with styles that you might not have considered before.

5. Vintage t-shirt

Woman Wearing a Vintage Tee

The ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s are back, and this includes vintage tees. Like the oversized white blouse, you’ll see many large vintage tee styles all over this season.

Try tucking your vintage rock t-shirt into high-waisted jean shorts, a jean skirt, leather pants or shorts, or sweatpants. You can also combine this style with your colorful heels for an interesting combination of chic and punk. 

6. Baggy jeans/shorts

Woman in Oversized Jeans and Vintage Tee

The oversized look continues! You want to make sure that you have a few pairs of oversized jeans and shorts in your closet this summer. 

To continue the vintage look, you’ll see a lot of worn jean styles out there. You’ll also see some cargo styles, rolled bottoms, and elastic around the ankle, so you can choose a few different jeans aesthetics.

This look is perfect because, as we already know, jeans go with everything. Pair your jeans with the oversized blouse, large shoes, and a bright jacket for a comfortable and fashion-forward look.

7. Leather bottoms

Woman in a Vintage Tee and Leather Skirt

Step aside, motorcycle enthusiasts. This year, leather is for everyone.

Leather bottoms, whether a skirt, shorts, or pants, look fantastic with an oversized blouse, a large vintage tee, or a big windbreaker. Combined with colorful heels, and you have the look of the season.

Faux leather is an option for those against leather or those looking for something that’s a bit more breathable. 

8. Small, colorful handbags

Gotta have those statement pieces! When shopping for purses this summer, look for small, brightly colored handbags. It’s time to throw away the massive bags in favor of more petite styles.

Statement pieces are the theme of 2021, and a bright handbag perfectly fulfills this role. Try outfits of muted colors combined with a neon purse. Or, have some fun, and match the colors with your shoes, hat, or sunglasses.

9. Sunglasses

This year, you can go subtle or bold when it comes to your sunglasses. Along the vintage theme, you’ll see plenty of cat-eye sunglasses, round glasses, and sunglasses with light, colorful lenses. 

Choose from neon frames, interesting shapes, and fun patterns. You can either mix and match your colors and patterns or, like the handbags and shoes above, pair your brightly colored glasses with understated tones. Whether you’re hitting the beach or going out on the town, you’ll surely find the perfect sunglass style for you in this year’s collection.

10. Bucket hat

Bucket hats are back! An easy way to block the shade, a bucket hat offers tons of possibilities as an accessory.

Opt for muted tones or leather styles. Or, you can choose bright colors and patterns to make it your statement piece. Don’t be afraid to mix it with another style that you never thought about before. This year, it’s all about mixing looks, and nothing is off-limits.

Bonus: Cartilage piercings

Woman with Multiple Cartilage Piercings

For those who are looking to get pierced, this summer, multiple cartilage piercings are the way to go. Since many piercers won’t pierce the nose and oral areas due to COVID restrictions, women are choosing to go bold with their cartilage piercings instead.

Try an asymmetrical look to really allow your cartilage piercings to stand out. You can also plan your piercings to emulate your favorite constellation or make a certain shape with your earrings. The possibilities are endless!

The key things to remember when shopping for your summer wardrobe this year are oversized everything (except your handbags), vintage looks, and colorful statement pieces. You can even raid your old clothes for certain items that you may have thought would never come back into style and match them with more modern looks. 

As you’re putting together your outfits, remember that you don’t have to match your styles. Try putting those nice slacks with a baggy vintage tee. Rock designer heels with your sweats. Wear a bucket hat with your power suit. It’s truly a time for creativity.

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