• Bold colors and patterns drive this spring’s fashion trends
  • Mix-and-match colors and styles for an eclectic yet cultivated look
  • Throwbacks to the early 2000s, ’90s, and ’80s

As winter becomes spring and a sense of normalcy is returning, it’s time to finally get outside and show off our style. But, after a long winter (and much of the last two years) stuck inside, you might feel a little lost when it comes to spring fashion trends. Luckily, we’ve been paying attention and have you covered. 

This spring sees a culmination of modern styles, 2000s fads, and generations-old classics, combining a variety of decades in an eclectic yet cohesive collection. 

From bold and bright patterns to platform shoes, this spring will take you back at least 20 years—with some modern twists, of course. To stay up-to-date with your wardrobe, here are some spring fashion trends that everyone will be wearing this season.

Spring 2022 footwear must: all things platform

Woman Wearing Platform Heels

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on Pexels

Any shoe with a big sole is huge this season. Whether you’re looking for something with an impressive heel, or you want to stand taller in your tennis shoes, the bigger the better.

The size doesn’t always have to be about the sole. Anything oversized will do. From bulky sandals to extravagant heel designs, footwear has become the focal piece this season. Just like everything else this spring, these shoe styles beg for bright coloring. Rather than sticking with standard black or brown shoe options, fill your closet with bright pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows, and get experimental with floral, stripes, or other interesting patterns.

The bolder the better: matched sets and daring patterns

Women wearing matched set crop top and maxi skirt

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha via Pexels

This season, it’s about standing out. We’re seeing shelves stocked with bright colors, bold patterns, and crazy designs. While summer fashion was focused on mismatching bold prints, this spring is showing matched sets. Liven things up with a bold colored pantsuit with a crop top sporting a bold design like tiger stripes or bright floral print.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit daring. Fashionistas are pairing previously disregarded color sets, such as placing a lime green top with a bright orange skirt and strikingly yellow shoes. 

In terms of patterns, we’re seeing everything from the floral swirls of the 60s and 70s to the block color jackets of the 80s and 90s, so everything is game. Just make sure that it’s bright and outstanding.

Let your fashion flag fly with feathers

A true throwback to early Hollywood, feathers are spotted lining jackets, mini skirts, or even as the entire shirt pattern. Feathers can turn any old item into something fabulous, allowing you to strut in comfort with a feather-lined hoodie or a feather crop top paired with baggier styles. 

Unlike the feathered gowns and other opulent styles of Hollywood’s Golden Era, today’s feathers are found on denim jackets, shoes, and other more casual clothing options, bringing the feathered look into daily wear. 

If you’re looking for something fuzzy, skip faux fur this season and opt for feathers instead.

Convenience and style converge with oversized bags

Woman carrying oversized bag

Photo by Debora Cardenas on Unsplash

After a few years of clutches and wallet-sized purses, the oversized bag is back! From designer totes to maxi shopping bags, your spring outfit won’t be complete without one of these massive bags hanging from your shoulder. 

An oversized bag isn’t just convenient. It offers plenty of opportunities to add an additional splash of color to your wardrobe. Just like the clothes you’ll see on the shelf this season, brightly colored bags make the perfect accessory, especially when paired with a neutral pantsuit or oversized trench coat. 

Teeny tiny shirts

Woman wearing bralette with bright pants

Photo by Nina Hill via Pexels

Bright bralettes, baby tees, and crop tops remain wardrobe must-haves this spring. Hailing back to 2005, graphic baby tees are back for more casual wear. Or, if you’re looking to look sexy and sophisticated, pair an oversized blazer with a bralette top to show a little skin while showing your professional side. 

Crop tops should also top your spring shopping list, but this season, instead of the high-waisted pants and skirts, the low-rise look has returned. (Don’t fret if you can’t pull off low-rise, however. High-waisted items are still going strong.)

The return of the trench coat

Woman wearing trench coat and oversized shoes showcasing spring 2022 fashion

Photo by Alexandra Iva via Unsplash

There’s something timeless about the trench coat. Maybe it’s the neutral tones that go with everything, the deep pockets, or the nostalgic throwback to the film noir era, but you can’t seem to go wrong with a gorgeous trench coat.

If you’re looking for a new coat this season, pick one of a larger size. Following other trends, the 2022 trench coat style is typically a little baggier. Dressed up or down, it’s appropriate for any occasion, and the neutral tones make it easy to pair with the bright colors and bold patterns of the season.

The spring 2022 fashion staple: oversized sweaters

Woman with white oversized sweater and yellow checkered maxi dress

Photo by Tamara Bellis via Unsplash

Another look heralding from the ‘80s and ‘90s, oversized sweaters are among the top looks of the year. While bright and bold patterns are still a great go-to this season, you can also choose muted tones and pastels for your sweaters. Pair your oversized sweater with a mini skirt sporting metallic fabric or even a pleated maxi dress for a look that’s both stunning and stunningly comfortable. 

Or, opt for a large cardigan paired with high-waisted jeans and a t-shirt for a casual day out. The great thing about sweaters is that they can be matched with almost anything, and they’ll keep you warm on unpredictable spring days.

Show off your legs with micro-mini skirts

Show some leg this season with ultra-mini skirts. And, we mean ultra. There’s no such thing as too short this spring.

Try super short khaki pleated skirts with an argyle sweater for an edgy schoolgirl look. Or, find a matching shirt and micro mini skirt set. You can even pair the look with an oversized blazer or oversized sweater to offset the micro mini. 

While low-rise micro minis are in vogue, you can still rock high-waisted options if your body type doesn’t work with the teeny tiny skirt aesthetic or if you haven’t quite achieved your summer beach bod.

Bring boss vibes to any outfit with oversized blazers

Woman showcasing brightly colored oversized blazer

Photo by cottonbro via Pexels

While some trends are going smaller, others are getting bigger. This includes the oversized blazer. Perhaps following last summer’s men’s dress shirt style, the oversized blazer offers a similar aesthetic, combining comfort with professionalism.

Try pairing your oversized blazer with a brightly colored crop top or bralette for a sexy and sophisticated look. Oversized blazers also look amazing with a variety of bottoms, including baggy slacks, metallic leggings, jeans, or maxi skirts. An oversized blazer is that quintessential item that can dress up almost any outfit.

Selectively sexy cutouts

Woman wearing black maxi dress with cutouts

Photo by jens holm via Unsplash

Show some skin in interesting and creative ways with cutouts. Primarily seen on maxi dresses, but displayed on shirts and swimsuits as well, the cut-out aligns with the crop top in terms of showing more skin in a refined manner while allowing for a little more creativity. This style is especially alluring to those who want to show some skin but whose body types don’t shine in crop tops or similar aesthetics.

Along with the cut-out looks, you’ll see strappy shirts and dresses. This is especially attractive on little black dresses or other wardrobe classics as it pushes the well-known style to the next level.

Add texture to any item with fringe

Woman showing off fringe jacket and US flag bralette

Photo by Mike Von via Unsplash

Fringe has appeared in many different styles throughout fashion history. From the fringe-filled flapper dresses of the ‘20s to the fringe-sleeved leather jackets of the ‘70s, fringe seems to make an appearance in one way or another, no matter the decade. In 2022, we’re seeing fringe at all levels.

Check out fringe-filled maxi dresses and skirts (a clear homage to the flapper styles), fringe-lined crop tops, cringe lining the bottom of mini skirts, and more. Fringe offers a way to add a little texture to any clothing item, and we absolutely love it.

See how low can you go with low-rise bottoms

Remember in the early 2000s when it seemed we couldn’t get low rise enough? Well, that look is back.

Whether we’re talking about pants, mini skirts, or maxi dresses, the look is low this spring. Pair it with a crop top, bralette, or baby tee (especially one that’s brightly colored), and you’ll be a true fashionista. When rocking this style, feel free to go full 2000s-pop-star. This look is pulled straight from the beginning of the millennium and begs for throwback styles.

The spring 2022 cocktail party head turner? Metallic fabrics

Runways this spring have been filled with metallic fabrics of all kinds. From leggings to crop tops to ultra mini skirts, gold and silver metallic styles abound. In the spirit of spring 2022 fashion trends, don’t be afraid to mix and match with different metallic fabrics and patterns, or even choose a neutral oversized sweater or blazer to complete the look.

This year, rather than reaching for your classic black dress, stand out by going metallic instead. 

Super sheer clothes and underwear as outerwear

Whether we’re talking floral lace, lots of cutouts, or mesh, sheer clothing is a huge hit this spring.

Models and celebrities have been seen wearing maxi dresses with bralettes and underwear as outerwear beneath. Or, if that’s too bold for you, you can wear a smaller dress underneath the sheer one or stick to sheer shirts with bralettes underneath instead. We’ve even seen styles like jumpsuits beneath a sheer dress or normal clothes beneath sheer jackets as well.

This is one style that begs for creativity. Don’t be afraid to try out a few styles before you find what you like. 

Be a modern princess with a skirt suit

Women wearing spring 2022 fashion suit skirt

Photo by Ayodeji Fatunla via Pexels

While past seasons have seen an insurgence of pantsuits in women’s fashion, the skirt suit is about to make mainstream popularity. Typically the chosen outfit of royalty and politicians, spring runways saw many models sporting professional, yet stylish, matching skirt suit outfits.

While most spring styles tend to be a little brighter, the skirt suit look loves neutral and pastel colors, especially when sporting interesting patterns like checkers. However, don’t be afraid to turn to a neon green or yellow skirt suit as well. To bring your skirt suit to the next level, pair it with an intricately patterned silk shirt, big necklaces, and bold footwear. 


This spring’s fashion brings a little bit from multiple decades for an eclectic-yet-sophisticated collection. Those who love bright colors, bold aesthetics, and nostalgic looks will love this spring’s styles.

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