Trident Technical College Covid 19 UPDATE!

I currently attend this school and from what I’m hearing the college will do some in person classes during the fall semester (for classes that require a lot of hands on). However most classes will remain online for safety reasons. The following was pulled from the TTC website.

“Fall Semester 2020

Registration for Fall Semester is open. TTC will only offer classes with skills-based, hands-on requirements on our campuses this fall. The majority of classes will be held online. Please check the fall course offerings on the course search page. New students must complete the admissions process before registering for classes. The first step is to submit an admission application.

All TTC campuses are open and the college is using DHEC, CDC and OSHA guidance for social distancing, proper hygiene and use of PPE to ensure students and employees are kept as safe as possible. These measures include the mandatory use of masks, reconfiguration of work spaces in offices and labs where needed, installation of barriers where appropriate, and the closure of common areas. Additional safety efforts include making hand sanitizer widely available, marking spacing for queues and posting signage explaining safety protocols and expectations for behavior while on campus.

Fall 1 Term – Aug. 24-Oct. 12

Fall Full Term – Aug. 24-Dec. 11

Fall 2 Term – Oct. 20-Dec. 13″


For more information click the following link.

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