Located in Charleston County, Sullivan’s Island is a small affluent town sitting right at the entrance of Charleston Harbor. Sullivan’s Island is a place you’ll want to make a priority to visit. You’ll be able to make good use of your time exploring because travel time is so short between the destinations since it’s such a small area. It’s also the perfect destination for anyone who wants the ideal mixture of history and beautiful coastal views. Our list contains the top things to do on Sullivan’s Island.

Sullivan’s Island Beach: Top Destination

If you’re looking for clean, open sand with views of the ocean for miles, then look no further. Sullivan’s Island Beach is a pristine waterfront that appears to stretch forever in either direction, without any signs of commercialization in sight. Because of all the wide-open space, you’ll be able to layout your towels and bask in the sunlight with your company, unbothered by fellow beach-goers. You can rest with the sounds of crashing ocean waves lulling you to a peaceful sleep. In the sand are thousands upon thousands of beautiful shells that you can search to find the most beautiful one or one with a unique design.

For the traveler who likes to prepare, remember these tips to make your visit go smoothly. First, there may be a lot of open beach space, but there are few parking spaces compared to the size of the beach. If you’re visiting in the peak time of summer, travel there earlier to ensure you get parking, because you’re not going to want to miss this! Second, be sure to find a restroom beforehand because you won’t find one on-site.

Fort Moultrie: A Historical Site

This Revolutionary War relic is something the historians in your company will not want to miss! Fort Moultrie was the first fort built on Sullivan’s Island as a coastal defense for the city of Charleston. Originally built out of palmetto logs and sand, the structure has survived from the Revolutionary War through World War II. It still stands today, thanks to the preservation conducted by the National Park Service. Colonel William Moultrie led the fort to victory through a nine-hour battle against British men-of-war, and it was soon named Fort Moultrie after this triumphant leader.

During your visit, you’ll be able to walk all around the fort and even tour some of the buildings inside. In addition, the scenic grounds feature signs that provide information on the historical site and provide a little more insight into protecting and preserving South Carolina throughout the past couple of centuries.

You can choose to take the 30-minute informative guided tour, or you can take the self-guided tour at this site which will guide you through critical pieces of historical information. Either way, you’ll leave having gained a little more historical knowledge about South Carolina’s past.

Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church: Second Church on Sullivan’s Island

Standing directly across the street from Fort Moultrie is the quaint, beautiful Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church that visitors frequently love to visit. Constructed as only the second Catholic church on Sullivan’s Island, it is a historic building and a local favorite. The craftsmanship, beautiful art, and stained glass windows all make this a site worth seeing.

The church is still active today and it offers religious education. In addition, Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church holds a daily mass for anyone to attend. When you step inside, you’ll sense a feeling of peace that fills the sacred building. As you leave Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church, you can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to visit such an important spiritual and historical location at Sullivan’s Island.

Edgar Allan Poe Library: For the Readers

The Edgar Allan Poe Library is an excellent location for tourists who are big fans of literature. Edgar Allan Poe spent 1827 through 1828 stationed as a private at Fort Moultrie. Though he was only on Sullivan’s Island for a short period, this library is named after him. Poe, the “Master of Mystery,” is a famous American writer who is well known for his writing in the genre of detective fiction. One of his popular stories titled “The Gold Bug” is set on Sullivan’s Island.

The Edgar Allan Poe Library is a distinctive building housed in one of the battery installations remaining from Fort Moultrie. Though the structure is unconventional, it provides a memorable experience for tourists coming to view it. The library is a public library still in operation for Charleston County residents. It gives a friendly ambiance for any visitors coming to learn more about Poe’s life. Inside the library, you can find an Edgar Allan Poe display with information about him both on and off the Island.

Charleston Harbor Sunset Cruise: The Finale

Are you searching for the perfect end to a perfect day? The Charleston Harbor Sunset Cruise is hard to beat when it comes to having the complete package. The cruise contains fun and knowledgeable guides to provide both a wealth of information about the sights and make it an entertaining boat ride. In addition, the Charleston Harbor Sunset Cruise has the perfect balance of local history and just cruising on the water. This ensures that you avoid becoming overwhelmed with information or simply bored.

An experienced captain steers the boat, making for a pleasant ride. Bring clothes to layer to avoid becoming cold because it gets chilly when out on the water. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing evening filled with drinks and music and the sight of a beautiful harbor with a fantastic sunset. It can’t get much better than that.

Sullivan’s Island is a fantastic destination for tourists who love a small coastal town with a story to tell. It’s a town that has a lot of history that you can add to your wealth of knowledge. The nearby beaches and ocean water have so much beauty to behold. Check out these excellent sites located at Sullivan’s Island, and your trip is sure to be worthwhile.


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