How to Have the Perfect Charleston Beach Vacation

Gearing up for a trip to one of Charleston’s finest beaches? We’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of 28 must-have items. Click on the hyperlinks for more details or to purchase, because no beach vacation is complete without ensuring your own safety, comfort, and enjoyment!


Safety First


  1. Mini first aid kit

mini first aid kit









This adorable little first aid kit contains everything you might need in a beach-related emergency. Whether it’s a cut, an allergic reaction, a severe wound, a splinter, or a sprain, there’s an item in here for you or your loved one. Its first aid guide won’t leave you guessing about how to use any of its contents. At just 7″ x 2″ x 5″, it will fit easily into a purse or backpack.


  1. Sunburn soother

sunburn soother








Do you or your family member tend to burn easily? Be sure to arm yourself with this sunburn soother. It contains both Aloe and hemp oil, known to ease the pain and intensity of a sunburn. This product will “soothe”, “cool”, and “hydrate” the skin. Plus, it has 4.5 stars on Amazon—164 people can’t be wrong!


  1. Aloe Vera spray

aloe vera spray









This vegan and hypoallergenic Aloe Vera spray is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Apply it as soon as you begin to feel the nasty effects of a sunburn. The cocoa butter, vitamin E, cucumber extract, tea tree oil, and Aloe Vera provide the perfect blend that will leave your skin feeling wonderfully cool relief. If you need to apply it to your face, spray it into your hands and rub on to avoid getting the product in your eyes, nose, or mouth.


  1. Burt’s Bees lip balm

burt's bees lip balm









A lot of us forget that our lips can get sunburned, too, and not much is as miserable as severely chapped lips. Burt’s Bees is one of the most highly-acclaimed lip balm brands. With this reasonably-priced 4 pack, you’ll have enough to last you and your family all summer! You can try all four flavors in one pack: original, strawberry, coconut & pear, and vanilla bean. This product hydrates and moisturizes the lips for a smooth, pain-free feel.


  1. Foaming hand sanitizer

foaming hand sanitizer








You won’t have to convince your kids to use this hand sanitizer! Each pump foams, making cleaning your hands an enjoyable experience. (Who knew hand sanitizing could be fun?) This alcohol-free, unscented sanitizer is kid friendly and kills 99.9% of germs (and the ocean has a lot of germs). Don’t get caught without a cleanser when you run out of the ocean for a snack on the sand. You can also get cupcake or berry-berry scented if you prefer a nice aroma.


  1. Driving sunglasses








Protect your eyes with these unisex sunglasses. This company boasts a 100% UV-protecting product, and they have multiple colors and styles to choose from. Not sure if they’ll fit your face? Check out the dimensions in the product description. Shield your eyes and look cool in these shades that over 17,000 people love.


  1. Detangling hair brush

detangling hairbrush









What’s worse: wet, tangly hair or an ugly hairbrush? For only $7, you can solve both problems. This beautiful bamboo brush was specifically made for detangling and works on any hair type. It has a rose beautifully etched into the back, and the bristles are made with boar hair and nylon for a smoothing effect. It’s the perfect size to plop into your beach bag and use on a windy day.


Rest and Relaxation


  1. Blue beach tent

beach tent









Enjoy the beach on the sunniest of days with this 10′ x 10′, beautifully blue beach tent. Not only does it shield you from the heat of the sun, but it also blocks 100% of harmful rays and is water resistant. Its 4 poles, rubber bands, and sandbags provide ultimate stability regardless of wind. It also comes with a carrying bag. Amazon reviewers have even provided a few set-up video tutorials. This is one product you definitely don’t want to be without.


  1. Sport-brella

beach umbrella








Don’t need a large beach tent? No problem! This sport beach umbrella provides the same amount of protection for a smaller area. It easily fits 1-3 people (or pets!) and has 2 optional windows. Or, perhaps you’re an introvert who likes to read alone on the beach. Simply secure the flaps over the windows and you have a cozy, private space all to yourself. It also folds up nicely in a carrying case that you can sling over your shoulder.


  1. Backpack beach chair

lay back beach chair









This folding beach chair comes in 3 colors and has 5 lay-back positions! It is equipped with a headrest pillow, sturdy wooden arms, an insulated drink holder, a folding towel bar, and 3 storage pouches. This chair has everything you need to be comfortable and efficient. Don’t worry about awkwardly carrying it from the car to the beach and back, either, because it has two backpack straps and weighs only 7 pounds!


  1. Reclining beach chair

reclining beach chair









Was the previous chair not your style? Try this outdoor recliner in blue or orange. This chair has nearly all the same features as the one above, plus an under-the-seat pouch to hold your beach towel. The backpack carrying straps are adjustable, too. Thanks to its multiple pouches, anything you may want is within reach. No need to get up!


  1. Outdoor beach rug

outdoor beach rug towel








This beach towel is appropriately named “Haven.” It’s made with 100% sustainably-resourced cotton and has beautiful fringes for a regal look. Sink into this soft, absorbent outdoor rug and relax. It comes with a hanging loop and has two size options. And don’t worry, it’s safe for use whether you’ve been in fresh or saltwater. 97% of buyers gave this lovely product 5-star reviews.


  1. Microfiber beach towel

microfiber beach towel









Are you a microfiber lover? This towel is for you. With three different elegant designs, this item is highly absorbent, sand resistant, and lightweight. The microfiber makes it soft, durable, and compact. Stretch out on it to catch rays, or wrap it around you for ultimate comfort. It even provides sun protection! Need to use it twice in one day? Hang it up and watch it dry in record time.


  1. Oversized beach towels

large beach towels








Do you feel like your towels are never quite big enough? You don’t have to suffer with your sandy feet hanging off the edge. Get the most bang for your buck with this 4 pack of large, 100% cotton beach towels. This product is washer and dryer safe, and it won’t collect lint like a lot of other towels. It received 4 and 5 stars in durability, quality, value, absorbency, and softness.


  1. Boho sand-proof beach blanket

beach blanket









This gorgeous beach blanket belongs on your ultimate summer getaway trip. With two size options, it folds easily into a carrying case for convenient transport. Shake sand and water right off of it! It also has 4 hidden sand pockets for stability so you don’t worry about it blowing away while you’re in the water! Stretch out and relax to your heart’s content with this beach blanket made for royalty.


  1. Mesh beach bag

mesh beach bag







You have all these great items, but you need somewhere convenient to put them. This cute beach bag comes in multiple colors. Thanks to its mesh design, you can shake sand right out of it. The material is durable and light. Organize your favorite beach necessities any way you want, because it has 8 pockets! What’s even better? The manufacturer is so sure you’ll love this bag that they offer a lifetime guarantee or their promise to make it right.


Comforts of Home


  1. Insulated water bottle

insulated water bottle









This vacuum-insulated water bottle keeps your drink cold for hours. It is double walled with a straw lid that doesn’t leak. The smaller options will fit in your cup holder, but if that doesn’t matter to you, you can get one as big as 128 ounces with 3 lid options! Find the perfect fit for you: There are 34 designs, and we think they’re all magnificent! Bonus: This company donates over 10% of their profits, so purchasing one of these bottles is doing good to more than just you.


  1. Beer can cooler

beer can cooler









What’s better than double-insulated beer coolers? Triple! This double-wall, triple-insulated, stainless steel product will keep your drinks cold all day. You no longer have to worry about frozen fingers or condensation. Enjoy choosing from the 8 color options. You work hard, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite beer. You deserve it.


  1. Portable cooler

portable cooler









This may well be the handiest little cooler you’ve ever seen. Sometimes a day trip to the beach doesn’t need a regular-sized cooler. Put your drinks in this convenient briefcase-style holder. It’ll keep your drinks cold for up to 5 hours. You don’t even need ice or ice packs! Running late? Throw your bottles or cans in at the last minute and fly out the door. This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose!


  1. Hardbody cooler

hard cooler









All right, this cooler seriously means business. It’s got pockets and flaps and doesn’t even make you mess with a zipper. Take a look at the 4 size and color options. Keep your food and drinks cold while still easily accessible. It even comes with a shelf for ice and ice packs. This cooler is sturdy, durable, easy to clean, and leak proof. Look no further to find the perfect case for all your favorite snacks and drinks.


  1. Bamboo cutlery

bamboo cutlery and stainless steel straws








You won’t find a better way to spend $12 than this adorable, convenient cutlery set. The bamboo knives, spoons, and forks come in little pouches with a couple extra friends—stainless steel straws and cleaning brushes. Unlike normal silverware, you won’t accidentally burn your hands on the bamboo products, even if they’ve been sitting out in the sun. This eco-friendly set slips easily into any bag for the ultimate outdoor dining experience.


It’s All Fun and Games


  1. Light-up beach ball

glow in the dark beach ball









Do you like to swim after sunset? Check out this glow-in-the-dark beach ball! It comes with a remote that can change the ball’s colors, brightness, and light mode. No worries—the LED is waterproof, and it comes with batteries included. It’ll stay inflated for at least a week, so no need to keep blowing it up while playing with it. Enjoy endless night-time fun with this unique toy.


  1. Inflatable beach ball

inflatable beach ball









While you’re enjoying your night-time beach ball, don’t forget to purchase a day-time one! After all, is it really a beach trip without one of these? And for $16.95, you get twelve. No fancy bells or whistles. Just the same simple, inflatable ball that has kept kids and adults happy since 1938. It also makes that cool squeak sound when it’s wet.


  1. Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

portable bluetooth speaker









This waterproof speaker is small enough to hold in your hand or clip on a belt and lasts for 10 hours. Enjoy your favorite playlist during any beach activity, such as swimming, running, sunbathing, or volleyball. Stream using Bluetooth from a smart device. Still a little unsure if it’s worth the money? This little guy has almost 32,000 5-star reviews.


  1. Kids stereo headset

kids stereo headphones









Want something a bit more subtle to play your kids’ favorite music? Get them one of these adjustable, plush headsets. It comes in 5 colors, and you can fold it up when it’s not in use. Plug it in to your smart device with the cable provided. Safe for ages 3 and up, and the manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty. Enjoy a long battery life when you use these noise-cancelling headphones.


  1. GoPro waterproof action camera

gopro waterproof camera









Want to capture memories but afraid of damaging your phone? This GoPro camera is safe to use even underwater! Complete with a touchscreen, live streaming, and an impact-resistant lens, you can create beautiful photos and videos with zero effort. It’s also small and portable. If you subscribe to GoPro, this camera will automatically upload your photos and videos to the cloud. You deserve only the best quality—Go ahead. Buy yourself something nice.


  1. 2-pack USB portable charger

portable usb phone chargers









Your phone running out of battery at the beach would be a tragedy. Spend $20 and get two portable phone chargers. Just charge them up before you go, and when your phone battery is running low, plug it in to the USB port using the cables provided. Each device can charge two phones at once. Compatible with both Apple and Android products.


  1. Kindle Oasis

kindle oasis






Don’t want to risk getting your favorite book wet? Or can you not decide which book to grab? Bring along a Kindle instead. It’s small, lightweight, waterproof, and can hold millions of books (no lie). The lighting is auto-adjustable, allowing for easy viewing regardless of the weather. Prefer to listen to your books? It can do that too.


Enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean even more with some of these items. (Or all of them—Hey, we don’t judge!) Which one of these was your favorite? Leave a comment below to let us know, or suggest an addition to our list. Happy summer!


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