The small business you run is great at what it does – carpet cleaning, autism services, solar panel installations, whatever – but all the ancillary requirements of running a business are sucking up your time, causing frustration and preventing REM sleep.

Welcome to the club; never having enough time is a mantra of small business owners.

If only you could find a local partner to handle your payroll, hiring and onboarding processes. If only you could hit a button and get your employees paid, taxes withheld, and that Byzantine tangle of government regulations complied with.

Your life would be so much better. Your business would operate so much better.

You could breathe a sigh of relief, save money, and spend your time making artisanal hand-crafted ice cream, providing cybersecurity consulting to military installations or running your janitorial services.

You need a payroll company that can provide all the payroll technology you don’t have and the training to use it. You need a local company that can respond immediately to your needs – because it’s Thursday and your employees need to be paid Friday. You need someone to handle all the employee deductions and guide you through the rules and regulations, so you can be sure that you won’t go to jail for violating some arcane human resources law about left-handed job applicants with tooth-enamel disability.

This requires a local partner with leading-edge technology that goes beyond great service – the hallmark of any good payroll outfit – and instead serves as a trusted business partner and problem solver.

Good thing there is Charleston Payroll.

Charelston Payroll Eric

Eric Wright, co-founder

Charleston Payroll CEO Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee Wright, CEO

A husband-wife team and their trusty sidekick brought payroll services to the Charleston area with a mission to help business owners sleep at night. Eric and Jenna Lee Wright, and their buddy Alex Shi, studied the Southeast for the best location to launch their company almost a decade ago and landed on Charleston. The plethora of small, local businesses that need their services, not to mention the quality of life here, made this area the best fit.

The team at Charleston Payroll believes that business owners sleep at night knowing someone has their back – and their payroll, hiring and onboarding. The trio themselves sleep at night knowing that every day, they operate according to the highest ethical standards.

“We won’t make money at the expense of our ethics,” says Shi. “We hold ourselves to the standard of treating our clients the way we would treat ourselves and family.”

Focus on Small Businesses

Charleston Payroll focuses on small businesses, either those that have been swimming in the low-tech end of the pool, manually entering information in spreadsheets, or those that employ a payroll company now but need to step up their game. Being a small business themselves, Charleston Payroll understands the challenges facing your small business.

Charleston Payroll offers three primary services, all electronic and turnkey. Using their processes, a small business has access to employee information anytime through a secure online portal with the ability to submit information and create a complete payroll report instantly. Making the inevitable changes and adjustments requires a simple upload of new information for instant updating.

Charleston Payroll Alex

Alex Shi, VP Sales & Marketing

Charleston Payroll also offers a suite of software to recruit, hire and onboard new staff all on a single platform. “Our digital products allow the employer to use one tool to create job descriptions, upload them to job sites like Monster and Indeed, view resumes, do interviews, hire, onboard and enter the new employee into the payroll system,” explains Shi.

“The system can allow a new employee to fill out paperwork electronically, get their W4 and I-9, and read the employee handbook, all in one place. They never need to touch a piece of paper.”

The information, some of which is confidential and must, by law, be protected, is housed in a secure website on the cloud, rather than in a file cabinet in the boss’s office.

One example of a client that benefited from the services provided by Charleston Payroll is a logistics business that was mired in Excel spreadsheet quicksand and spending unproductive hours every week manually inputting information. Charleston Payroll taught the company a new process that tracks employee time digitally and connects it to payroll so data can be transmitted each week with the touch of a button. That freed managers to spend time winning business and generating profit instead.

Beyond That: A Business Partner

As a back office enterprise, Charleston Payroll has a window seat to a company’s internal functions. It uses that position to serve as a business advisor and partner that can offer recommendations about improving business functions. It’s a bonus value they provide.

“The first thing we notice about a business is their cash flow,” says Shi. “How do they manage their accounts receivables and where do they put that money? If they struggle with cash flow, they’re going to have a hard time withstanding any hiccups in business, so we put them in touch with conventional and alternative lenders we know. That allows them to smooth out the inevitable ups and downs.”

Shi’s title is sales manager, but it really should be “relationship builder.” He’s out in the community every day, getting to know business owners and learning about their companies. He never cold calls anyone for business, believing instead in building relationships first, even during a viral pandemic.

“I like to sit down with as many people as I can regardless of whether we can do anything for each other,” he says. “You have to establish trust before anyone is going to allow you to handle their employees’ money.”


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